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GamesBoost42 is helping mobile apps scale by providing developers with BOOSTS of their marketing budgets. And that's NOT the only thing we do for our clients!

Our team will help you reach new markets, make sure your app economy is performing well, create and test out fresh marketing strategies and find new unique selling propositions. We always make sure our clients get the services THEY need, even if that means going far beyond just marketing funding.

Stop wasting your money and time with those who are trying to get a cut of your revenue or a share of your company - come get yourself a real marketing partner!

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Without GamesBoost42, the result we got in January 2021 would simply not have been achievable' The partnership with GamesBoost42 not only allowed us to increase the volume of user engagement in a targeted manner but also kept the advertising budget at the required level throughout the entire duration of the advertising campaigns. Eli Tagi, Director, Fitingo

Fast and easy money transfers - that’s exactly what we needed from our factoring partner.Rocket10

Over a year of funding with GamesBoost42 transformed our company! Now we are launching our games knowing that our marketing is in the right hands.Starkit

About us

Get up to $2M of funding for full scale BOOST. We know how hard marketing can be, and the solution is already here - it’s GamesBoost42

An app economy on steroids: How to grab a piece of the action. Mobile is the fastest growing sector so how can you join?

Fitingo — rocking AppStore charts with the help of AdQuantum and GamesBoost42

GamesBoost42 is a fintech startup built to disrupt marketing and publishing of mobile games and apps.

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Reliability you don't have to change your bank details in app stores, so there is no risk of being blocked

Security we make direct deposits to your account in a trusted partner bank - Unlimint

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Speed final decision within 5 days

Who are we?

GamesBoost42 is a part of GamesUp42 - the international group of companies that together offer a full range of services in the gaming industry, including game development and graphic design, payment and financial management, marketing data analytics, advertising and publishing and other services.

We're a team of dedicated and experienced specialists who support creators and developers through the entire cycle of marketing their games and or apps.

If you need capital to scale your app, we're here to offer a full suite of services to bring your project to the next level.